Monday, August 26, 2013

Obligatory Introduction Post

Hi folks, and welcome to Farm Work and Cosplay! I'm Canny Puca, your host. Now you've probably got some questions right off the bat, like why should you follow this blog? In this first blog post, I'll tell you dear readers a little bit of what I'm about and a couple reasons why you might want to consider following Farm Work and Cosplay.

First and foremost, why did I start this blog? As a fairly new cosplayer, albeit one picking up speed pretty quickly, I wanted to be able to share my insights and experiences with others so they could learn from my mistakes and successes. I've already learned a lot from my six cosplays to date and I know I'll be learning more from my next planned cosplay. (Katsucon, here I come! Woo!) I wanted to be able to reach other people and help them improve as I do. I'll be posting bits and pieces of my insight, cosplay progress photos, tales of my adventures, tutorials, how-not-to's, and myriad other things. The purpose here is primarily to inform, share, and entertain!

Second (and probably most important to you), why should you tune in? Cosplay as a pastime is growing in popularity and recently has been attracting attention from mainstream audiences, as seen by the emergence of shows such as King of the Nerds and Heroes of Cosplay. Whenever anything gains a great deal of mainstream attention, regardless of what it is or what segment of the general populace it caters to, a skewed version of it is presented to the public eye. "Skewed" doesn't necessarily mean that the thing in question is presented in a negative light; on the contrary it could be skewed in a positive way and present itself as something far more beneficial than it really is, or more profitable, or even more user-friendly. Nonetheless, in one direction or another, it's skewed, and a stereotype is created or perpetuated. Cosplay blogs and pages give an alternate view of the community, and offer another side to the story, helping skew the viewpoint back towards a median. My blog is by no means the be-all end-all of cosplay blogs, but it will be honest and true to my experiences. There are many cosplay blogs out there, and cosplayers specialize in various parts of costume and props work, so I recommend finding and following several blogs to get the most out of the knowledge and experience available to you!

While I don't claim by any means to have an exclusive viewpoint, I do believe mine is somewhat unique. I was born and raised on a farm and have been working there since my childhood, doing hard manual labor and various miscellaneous tasks. When a person thinks "cosplayer," I seriously doubt the person who comes to mind has to go out and feed the cows and horses before he or she can feed him or herself, or helps get up square bales in hay season to feed said cows and horses, or gathers eggs. I hope, from my varied background and experiences, to be able to bring something new and interesting to the table!

I think that's about it for this first post, other than a little housekeeping-type information. A friend of mine will be helping me code this blog soon, so the whole layout will change radically and spectacularly into something amazing. This blog will update with an official post weekly on a day to be determined (probably Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but I haven't decided which), and I will be linking it to a tumblr where I will post more snippets of information as I see fit. (Gasp! I'm joining the tumblr masses! Whatever is wrong with me? I resisted for so long, but it was just too much, too much for me to escape....)