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Origin: Labyrinth. Film, 1980s, character played by David Bowie. In Labyrinth, which is a Jim Henson film, a young girl named Sarah casually wishes her baby half-brother away to the goblins. Immediately after, when said baby really disappears, the Goblin King appears and offers Sarah her dreams if she will only forget about the baby. Sarah instead chooses to embark on a quest to solve the Goblin King's labyrinth and save her baby brother. What follows is a glitter-filled romp featuring songs sung by David Bowie, muppets for the goblins and most characters within the labyrinth, and a drugged-peach-induced ballroom scene that featured in the fantasies of girls and women for decades to follow.
Status: Shelved, being re-vamped
Debut: Anime USA 2010
More information: Jareth was my first cosplay, and marked my first attendance to a convention. He has been worn to one convention and several social gatherings, as well as for one notable Halloween in which my friend Sarah dressed up as Sarah and ran amok with me. The pieces were found bits of clothing, discovered in various stores and locations. I ordered the wig and gloves online, but everything else just came from me browsing stores. This pre-dates my adventures with the sewing machine. In hindsight, it needs a great deal of reworking, but I cannot ever complain about the fun I had while wearing this cosplay! It has to be one of the most enjoyable cosplays I've done to date, and that mostly because of the other two Jareths I found. Foxglove and JF really made my con, and they're part of the reason I'm hooked on cosplay. Thanks guys. <3
More Photos: Click me!


Origin: Howl's Moving Castle. Animated film, Studio Ghibli. In Howl's Moving Castle, a girl named Sophie who works in a hat shop has a strange encounter with the mysterious Wizard Howl, a sorcerer rumored to steal young girls' hearts. Following her brief encounter, she is confronted by the Witch of the Waste, who curses her and turns her into an old woman. Sophie sets out to find a way to break the curse. Her only hope to do so lies in Wizard Howl's strange moving castle and in the wizard himself! This film was based on a book by Diana Wynne Jones, bearing the same title. I personally recommend the book as well as the movie, though they should ideally be taken as two separate stories, for they differ in many ways. 
Status: Last worn to Otakon 2013
Debut: Anime Mid-Atlantic 2012
More information: Howl was my second cosplay and remains one of my favorites to run around in! I made the shirt myself (and can I say it's one of the most jacked-up shirt patterns ever), but everything else was bought. This one's easy for me to wear and always a lot of fun, so it's a common cosplay for me at cons. Also, I crocheted the Calcifer myself. He took a loooooooong time, and while I'm willing to take commissions on him, he would be on the expensive side and I would never accept payment in advance. He's cheap to make, but so time-consuming. 
More Photos: Click me!


Origin: Inuyasha. Anime and manga. When fifteen-year-old Kagome Higurashi falls down the ancient well in the shrine her family has watched for generations, she finds herself in feudal Japan. There she discovers that she is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo and within her is the sacred Jewel of Four Souls, which demons desire to steal. A demon tries to take the Jewel from her, forcing her to free the half-demon Inuyasha and attempt to enlist his help. The Jewel is shattered shortly thereafter, and together they set out to find the shards and collect them before the scheming, powerful demon Naraku can do so. Along the way they gather friends to assist them, including the lecherous monk Miroku, who is known for asking any woman he meets if she would bear his children, and the demonslayer Sango, his love interest.
Status: Last worn to Otakon 2012. Needs a few tweaks and repairs, and the staff needs some reworking.
Debut: Otakon 2012
More information: Miroku was my third cosplay, and I was fortunate to have a lovely Sango at my side while wearing the cosplay. I have not worn it since other than for one photoshoot for it seems fated I only wear it with my beloved Sango. The staff is the result of my father's assistance and pack-rat tendencies, as well as the fact that he owns a well-equipped welding shop. The staff is currently being reworked, as I brought the cosplay to Otakon 2013 and the staff broke in the hotel room. I am proud of this cosplay, and of the silly things I have been able to do with it. I definitely intend to wear it again!
 More photos: Click me!


Origin: Once Upon a Time. TV show by Disney and ABC. I recommend looking this one up for an idea of the series. Suffice to say Belle is much the same as in Beauty and the Beast, but her beast in OUaT is Rumpelstiltskin. And she's a real princess. the episode Skin Deep. Seriously, watch it.
Status: Last worn to Otakon 2013. Needs a zipper repair and cape finished, but will be worn to Katsucon 2014!
Debut: Otakon 2013
More information: Belle is my first female cosplay, and I'm immensely proud of the bodice, and blouse, and skirt, and oh gosh those shoes! Making this cosplay was a labor, but a labor of love, and when I don those clothes I really feel like a pretty pretty princess. Only a tiny handful of photos were taken with this cosplay since the photoshoot I scheduled fell through and poor J-Jo Cosplay was absolutely worn out on Saturday, so she just snapped 11 photos and only a few of those turned out well enough to edit and keep. I'm still searching for a Rumpelstiltskin cosplayer to get photos with, and I have an upcoming photoshoot with a horse who looks rather like Felipe....
 More photos: None yet, but they're coming! Hopefully soon.


Origin: Road to El Dorado. Animated film, Dreamworks. A pair of con-men get their hands on a map to the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. A botched con lands them on Cortez's ship, launching an attempted escape which leaves them lost at sea. At last they wash up on the beach and find their way to El Dorado, where they are mistaken for gods and worshipped. 
Status: Last worn to Otakon 2013. Oh gosh those pants need a few repairs, and I need to buy some more black eye shadow for that beard....
Debut: Otakon 2013
More information: J-Jo Cosplay and I wanted to do a cosplay together and, thanks to our personalities, decided on Tulio and Miguel as the best fit. We only wore these cosplays for a few hours Thursday of con, but we had sooooooo much fun in those brief few hours! I doubt I'll wear Tulio much without my Miguel, and as J-Jo Cosplay is a terribly busy cosplayer, it's doubtful it'll be seen too often. Shame, because I'm rather proud of it. And I make a very manly Tulio, if I do say so myself. Though that open chest binding is OW. It is (tentatively) scheduled to be seen at Colossalcon 2014, so find me there! Not sure what day yet.
More photos: None yet, but hopefully coming soon!


Origin: Skip Beat!. Anime and manga (though I recommend the manga). Kyoko Mogami follows Sho Fuwa, her childhood friend and the man she loves, to Tokyo as he pursues his showbiz career. But Sho doesn't love Kyoko - he's just using her for support! When Kyoko finds out, she flips and vows vengeance by becoming a bigger star than Sho. She joins LME and butts heads with the chief talent of LME, Ren Tsuruga. Read Skip Beat! to find out more and read the amazing story. Murasame is an actor, formerly a tough guy, playing the male lead in a horror film in which Ren Tsuruga, disguised as the mysterious Cain Heel, is playing the villain BJ. Murasame hates Cain and desperately wants to make him crack but has not yet had success on that front.
Status: Pulled out of my ass for Otakon 2013. Easy to wear, was bought at Good Will, but is totally not memorable without a Skip Beat! group to go along with me.
Debut: Otakon 2013
More information: I won't be wearing this cosplay without a Cain/BJ and Setsu at the least. Murasame is a minor ensemble character, and he's not very noticeable on his own. He's fun when I have a Setsu and a Cain, since I can glare at Cain and flirt with Setsu, but he was a spur of the moment decision and not a character I have that much investment in.
 More photos: Just one......

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