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Canny Puca Cosplay is the cosplay works and projects of Julie Allbeck, a 20-something located on the East Coast USA. Below is some information about her and her works.
Name: Julie, though I commonly answer to Fiona Vanyel or Canny Puca. 
Age: Didn't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age? I'm in my 20s, and let's leave it there for now.
Gender: Female
Beliefs: Christian, Protestant. Very devout and very chill.
Aspires to be: A writer, editor, and/or actor.
Lives: On Grit Road in Hurt, Virginia. Tiny town, and we're not even within the town limits, but it's on our address.
Currently: Living on the family farm with the parents and whatnot, working on cosplay and holding down a couple jobs to pay the bills. I'd list all the animals I have, but that would take too long. Suffice to say there are dogs, cats, a horse, and livestock of varying descriptions. And heaven help us, Mom wants more. Just got a job as an editor!

Origin of cosplay name: Well, I've always had an interest in mythology and folklore, especially that of Scotland and Ireland. The puca (also spelled pwca, pooka, phouka, phooka, phooca, and puka) is a trickster of Scotch-Irish origin known for its ability to shapeshift. The puca, unlike many of its counterparts in the same region and mythology, did not generally mean harm to humans. It did not kill or devour them as kelpies did, nor was it a harbinger of death. The puca, instead, caused mischief. Its primary form was that of a horse or a rabbit and as a horse it greatly enjoyed luring travelers onto its back, taking them on a wild ride, and then dumping them into a mud puddle quite unceremoniously. I am mischievous but rarely mean harm, and I view my cosplay as a form of shapeshifting - I am, after all, changing almost every aspect of my appearance. Thus, Puca. Canny can mean clever or shrewd, often referring to good judgment in monetary or business matters, but it also means pleasant or nice. It's a word more commonly used in Scotland than in the States, and as I'm an Anglophile, it fits me rather well. Thus, I am a Canny Puca, and I cosplay.

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